Maximizing Your Break

Now that Thanksgiving Break is almost upon us and studying is going to kick into high gear, we wanted to briefly address what you can do over your winter break to prepare yourself for next semester.

Manage your online presence:  You are going to be browsing the net anyway, so take a few minutes to update your LinkedIn profile or create one.  Take a look at this previous post to give you some tips.

Network:  Use your free time to connect with attorneys.  The holidays can be a tricky time to schedule meetings, so try setting up some coffee meetings and be flexible.  Get caught up with contacts you have not spoken to in a while.  Meet some new people and enjoy a few peppermint mochas.

Update your resume:  Take a couple of minutes to update your resume, adding in whatever additional experiences you gained over the past semester.

Get OCI-Certified For 1Ls and 2Ls – If you have not already done so, get certified for On-Campus Recruiting. Bidding begins January 14.  Details on the certification process will be provided via an online video released via email by the Professional & Career Development Center on Thursday, November 19th – after the Maximizing Your Break Workshop.

Reflect:  Now that you have a brief pause, reflect on the past semester.  What did you enjoy?  What did you dislike?  Are you career goals changing?  Take a few minutes to consider these things before the craziness of next semester takes hold yet again.

Relax!  Seriously, take time to visit with family, relax, and have a good time!

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