Secondary Math and Science Classrooms: An Anti-Racist Lens

IUE presents a webinar providing educators information about using an Anti-Racist Lens in Secondary Math and Science Classrooms, including brief context about anti-racist teaching behaviors and practices, culturally relevant pedagogy through the lens of anti-racism, reflective questions, and practical applications. The webinar concludes with a panel discussion of current educators in Kansas City area schools.

Facilitators: Jennifer Fergerson, Institute for Urban Education UMKC and Chaur Jacobson, Turner High School.

Panelists: Jennifer Moriarty, Crossroads Preparatory Academy; Brian Phillips, Center High School; Sara Saunders, Arrowhead Middle School, KCKPS.

Reference citation: Jordan Smith (Producer), Fergerson J (2020, November 10). Secondary Math and Science Classrooms: An Anti-Racist Lens, Part of IUE Presents [Webinar]. UMKC Institute for Urban Education.