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Tegrity Content Created After March 31st, 2016 Will Not Be Copied into Panopto

This summer, Panopto will replace Tegrity as UMKC’s lecture-capture solution. We have been working closely with both companies to convert existing content from Tegrity to Panopto, and you can expect to see older Tegrity content in Panopto in the next few weeks. As part of the conversion, we will not be copying any Tegrity content created after March 31st, 2016, into Panopto. If you have content in Tegrity that was made after this date that you would like copied over, you can follow these instructions to download your own Tegrity content and upload it to Panopto.

The Tegrity system will remain online until it’s end-of-life date of June 10th, 2016. Course and organization sites will continue to have a Tegrity Courses link in the course menu, but this should be used for reference purposes only. If you would like to use lecture-capture in your course or organization, please provision the course to use Panopto by following these instructions.

Instructor training for Panopto is available through UMKC Online.

If you have questions or need help with Panopto, please visit the UMKC Knowledgebase and search for Panopto. You can also send any questions to and Adobe Reader is a website used by some University personnel to find and apply for federal grants. This website offers forms that are only compatible with an older version of Adobe Reader. UMKC discontinued the use of this product many years ago in favor of the more secure Adobe Reader DC product, which is the version officially supported by Adobe. This has created some confusion for the personnel who use the website. If you use Adobe Acrobat Pro, you do not need to make any configuration changes, nor do you need to purchase the discontinued Adobe Acrobat Pro XI.

There are two options available if you use website. The first solution, Remote Labs, is available immediately and requires no changes to your computer. To use Remote Labs, visit (you will be prompted to log in with your username and password). Find the section labelled Faculty/Staff Lab and click “Connect to Remote Desktop”. You will be connecting to another computer in a window that opens on your screen, so you will need to login when prompted. When the desktop opens, click the Start button and select “Adobe Reader” from the Start screen.

This option is preferred as it is available immediately and it allows you to interact with without creating any security concerns on your computer. We encourage you to contact the Call Center at (816) 235-2000 or if you have any questions about working in Remote Labs.

There is a second option available if you cannot work in Remote Labs. We can install the older version of Adobe Reader XI. While this older version of Adobe Reader is not incompatible with Adobe Acrobat Pro DC, it does open several security issues on your computer, and it may cause issues with other websites and PDF sources. It is for this reason that the first option of Remote Labs is the recommended solution. If you prefer to downgrade your installation of Adobe Reader, please contact the Call Center at (816) 235-2000 or for assistance.

In either of the above options it is recommended that you use Firefox to download the PDF files website.  Firefox has been installed on Remote Labs and on all workstations across campus.

Panopto to Replace Tegrity by Summer 2016

After a review of lecture capture options, UMKC has decided to replace the Tegrity lecture capture system with Panopto. Tegrity will be phased out during spring 2016, and existing Tegrity recordings made up until March 31, 2016 will be converted to the Panopto environment.

Panopto and Tegrity are very similar to use, with Panopto offering better support, fewer major software updates, and the ability to edit content after recording.

To ease the transition, instructors are encouraged to use Panopto beginning in the spring 2016 semester.  Panopto will be installed on all ILE classroom computers, and will be available for all Spring 2015 Blackboard and Moodle courses soon.

More information about Panopto to come. In the meantime, if you have questions about Panopto that aren’t answered by the website, please send them to

Recent “IT Dept” phishing email

This morning we have received many inquiries about an email with the subject line “IT Dept” and which has been widely distributed to UMKC email accounts. This is NOT a legitimate email and can be safely deleted.

While it is always fine to ask if you are in doubt about the legitimacy of an email message you receive, the safest option is always to delete the message.

Getting Started with IT Resources for Students

Students at UMKC benefit from many technology resources and services. Whether you are new to the university, or are wanting to learn more about technology available on campus, Information Services has complied a list of technology resources available to help you succeed at UMKC.

Check out our Getting Started with IT Resources for Students guide today!

Print Quota for Students – Now Allocated By Semester

Based on requests from students, UMKC is moving from a weekly print quota for students, to a semester-based quota allotment. Student print quota per semester is the same, we are just presenting it to students all at once, rather than on a week-by-week basis.

Effective August 3rd, students who are enrolled for Fall 2015 semester will see their new semester print quota allocation of $42.50 displayed in the PaperCut print management system. This represents 850 black and white pages. For more information about this change, as well as other details about printing, please visit the UMKC Labs website at

New Interface for Campus Instant Messaging

UMKC Information Services will be enabling a new interface for the campus instant messaging program.  Microsoft recently re-branded “Lync” as “Skype for Business.” The change will happen over the weekend of August 1, and should be available to all campus computers by August 3.


When you first log on to your computer after the change, you may get a one-time prompt indicating that Lync needs to restart. This prompt will look like the following graphic:


The main interface is similar to the previous one, in that all of your instant messaging contacts will be listed in the lower half. The top portion of the interface will feature three main icons: the first shows your contact list, the second shows recent missed messages and Skype calls, the last will show upcoming scheduled Skype meetings.

To get a quick overview of the changes after the upgrade, open Skype for Business, press Alt-H, and select “Quick Tips.”

At this time, we do not have connectivity set up to call non-UMKC Skype users. We are currently investigating what options we have available for this capability, as this adds a risk of unsolicited Skype messages to campus users.

For further assistance on the changes, please contact the Call Center at or 816-235-2000.

Best Practices for Mobile Devices Using Exchange Calendars

One of the benefits of using a mobile device is that you can access your Exchange email and calendar from almost anywhere. However, using your mobile device to manage Exchange calendar appointments can present some problems, including:

  • Appointments that have been canceled or rescheduled continuing to show in their original timeslot
  • Scheduled appointments not showing up
  • Updates to meetings from someone other than the original meeting organizer not showing up

When one of the above occurs, calendar information is typically correct when viewed in Outlook or Outlook Web Access (OWA), even though it is inaccurate on the mobile device.

You can help prevent these issues from happening by following a few best practices. To learn more about how you can prevent these problems visit the Exchange Calendar Best Practices website.

Box Cloud Storage Coming to UMKC

Beginning on January 8th, UMKC Information Services will make available a new cloud storage service for faculty and staff.  The service, called Box, is a secure file storage and content-sharing resource. This is a UM System-approved service for storing university data in the cloud – at no cost to departments.

Faculty and staff will be provided 50 GB of cloud storage space per user and will receive a welcome email explaining how to access Box after their accounts are provisioned. We also will deploy some new applications to faculty and staff computers to ensure that Box is easily accessible.

Thanks to the faculty and staff participated in the pilot project and provided useful feedback.

To learn more, visit the Box at UMKC website.

New Wireless Security Certificate Coming on December 7th.

The security certificate used to authenticate users on the UMKC wireless network will be replaced on the evening of Sunday, December 7th. This will cause Apple and possibly Android devices to prompt the user to confirm the new wireless certificate. Windows devices should automatically recognize the certificate.

Users of Apple and Android devices will simply need to click once to accept the new certificate after December 7th. After accepting the new certificate, subsequent connections to the UMKC wireless network should not prompt for acceptance.

If you have questions or problems related to this new certificate, please contact the UMKC IS Call Center.