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New Information Services RSS Feeds

Recent estimates report there are over 50 million blogs on the Web, and that number is growing every day. Sifting through so much information to get at what’s important to you can be overwhelming, but as the Web evolves, so do the tools and services used to access content.

The old way of accessing information required visitors go to each site one at a time and look for new content. If that site doesn’t have any new content, visitors have wasted time and may not go back again.

This is where RSS feeds come into play.

RSS feeds allow users create a single home for accessing information, and choosing which sites they want to have feed new content into that home site. These home sites are called Readers, and there are many services available, including one from Google and one built into updated Outlook clients.

UMKC Information Services has set up two RSS feeds to deliver new content directly to a feed reader. This will allow users to get important information about new IT initiatives and outages without having to visit our site:

Status Updates RSS – Be informed about current and upcoming outages and service interruptions.

IS/IT Blog RSS – The latest posts to this blog delivered to your feed reader.

More general information about RSS feeds and links to readers can be found at