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University Email PIN Requirement

Beginning December 21, 2020, all members of our university community will be required to use a 4-digit password (PIN) code on any mobile device that connects to university email. This security feature will help protect users against loss of personal and professional data, including private messages, university-related information and more.

For a seamless experience, we encourage you to set a PIN prior to data security measures being implemented. If you do not set a PIN, on or after December 21, 2020, you may notice a screen on your mobile device prompting you to set a passcode.

Many individuals across the university already use a PIN code to lock their devices and the requirement will have no impact on them.

If you already have a PIN enabled

Your experience will depend on the model and version of the software your device is running:

  • Android: If you have an existing PIN, it will work as usual. There is no further action for you to take. If you are using a pattern lock, it will be replaced with a PIN and pattern lock will be disabled by the policy.
  • iOS: Your existing passcode, touch ID, or facial recognition will work as usual. There is no further action for you to take.

If you need to set a PIN

How you set your PIN will depend on the model and version of software your device is running:

  • Android: Press the “Activate” button on the screen to accept the security feature and set up your PIN.
  • iOS: Follow the instructions on the screen to open iOS settings. From there, select “Passcode” and “Turn the Passcode On.” Set up your PIN. (see figures below).
Android DevicesiPhone Devices
Press the Activate button to accept the security policy and set up your PIN.Follow instructions on screen to open iOS settings, tap Passcode, and Turn the Passcode On.

The only change you are accepting is the PIN requirement to unlock the device screen.

Accepting this policy will NOT:

  • Erase any data on your device
  • Disable, block or remove any applications
  • Disable or remove any device features or services

Only users who use a PIN will be able to access university email on their device through an email application. Those who choose not to accept the policy can still access university email through their device via a web browser.

If you have any questions or need assistance addressing this change, please contact the UMKC IS Call Center at or 816-235-2000.