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Dual Mailbox Cleanup

As part of our effort to move all UM System faculty, staff, and students to reside on O365, UM has identified all active Faculty and Staff who have both a student O365 account and an Exchange email account and will be modifying their account to have one mailbox instance.  Since employee accounts take precedence, we will be requiring all employees to save or export any data from their student O365 account (including student email) by 5:00pm, March 19th 2020. At 5:00pm on this date we will be deleting the student O365 account and the data will no longer be accessible.

We will add your legacy student email address to your employee mailbox so that you can continue to receive mail sent to that address. Remember to export or save any email, OneDrive, or SharePoint data that you would like to keep. Please follow the below website if you need to save your emails or files before the account is deleted.