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Exchange ActiveSync Mobile Device Policy Update

On March 21st, a PIN code will be required on all mobile devices that have a UM email account configured on them, which includes UMKC employees with email addresses. This includes tablets, smartphones or any device that uses the ActiveSync protocol to connect. Many individuals across the university already use a PIN code to lock their devices, and the requirement will have no impact on them.


About the Policy

The PIN requirement will be enforced by an Enterprise-wide Mobile Device Management policy. The policy will require a 4-digit password (PIN) for all mobile devices that connect to university email. No other settings or restrictions will be enforced within the policy.


Increasing Security System-wide

Device password and PIN enforcement is a security feature to protect you and your mobile devices against loss of highly personal data on the device, including private and work-related messages, contact information and even mobile banking data.


What to Expect

After March 21st, you may notice a screen similar to the one below on your Android or iPhone mobile device.

  • On Android devices, press the “Activate” button on the screen to accept the security feature.
  • On iPhones, follow the instructions on-screen to open iOS settings and turn the Passcode feature on (see figures below).



Android Devices iPhone Devices
Press the Activate button to accept the security policy and set up a PIN. Follow instructions on screen to Open iOS settings, tap Passcode, and Turn the Passcode On.


This policy is ONLY enforcing a four-digit PIN.  Fingerprint and face-ID would still be allowed, but pattern-unlock would no longer be allowed on Android devices.


Accepting this policy will NOT:

  • Erase any data on your device
  • Disable, block or remove any applications
  • Disable or remove any device features or services


Any other actions taken on your device will not occur without a request from you and\or the approval from the Security and Account Management teams.


If you choose not to accept the policy, you would no longer have the ability to access your University email on your mobile devices.


If you have any questions or need assistance addressing this change, please contact the UMKC IS Call Center at or 816-235-2000.