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Two-factor authentication for myHR begins December 19th

Passwords are the forefront of protecting your personal information and the University’s electronic data. The University is taking further precautions with sensitive data by requiring two-factor authentication to log in to myHR starting Tuesday, December 19, 2017. As its name suggests, two-factor authentication provides an additional layer of password safety by requiring a second method of verification (such as phone and email address) in order for a user to gain access. You will only need to go through the two-factor process once every 30-days for each device/web browser combination when using a University connection. The process will be required every time you log in from any other connection. On and after December 19, 2017, when logging in to myHR (, you will be redirected to a secure authentication page which will walk you through the process:

Consult the Secure Authentication Toolkit FAQs page for more information. If you experience difficulties during the process, please contact your local IT Tech Support team.

Please note: The two-factor authentication process is an additional implementation of the Secure Authentication Toolkit first implemented in Fall 2016. If you have yet to register your University account, visit the Secure Authentication Toolkit webpage to register or to learn more.