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Exchange Email Retention Policy

On February 15th a few new email retention policies will be applied to ALL accounts, as part of the Exchange 2016 migration process.  Please note once messages in the identified folders pass the retention periods outlined below, they will be automatically deleted.


What will change?

  1. “Deleted Items” – Any items that are deleted or placed in the Deleted Items folder that are older than 30 days will automatically be moved to the Recoverable Items folder.
  2. “Junk E-mail” – Any items older than 30 days in the Junk E-mail folder will be moved to the Recoverable Items folder.
  3. “Recover Deleted Items” – After steps one and two are completed, those items will then reside in the Recoverable Items folder for an additional 30 days. After 30 days, those items will be permanently deleted.


Effectively, this means all Users have up to 60 days to recover items that were deleted, by using the Recover Deleted Items tool within Outlook or OWA. If you have items you wish to save, please move them to a different personal folder for safe keeping. Any items left in the folders listed above will be subject to the retention policies.


Be mindful this policy affects not only your UMKC mailbox, but also all departmental email accounts as well.


If you have questions or need assistance, please contact the UMKC Call Center at 816-235-2000,, over via the online problem report form.