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New email filtering changes

To better protect against phishing attempts, and malicious email attacks, an enhancement will be made to email filtering.  The UM System email team will implement this change starting September 28th.

Inbound email is currently evaluated on how likely the message is spam.  For emails that are evaluated as high “likely spam”, three changes will be made to the message to alert you of the risk, and to provide guidance in the event a message is improperly tagged as spam:

The first change is that all high spam likelihood messages will have this tag added to the subject line:
Beware:  Potentially Malicious Content

The second part of this change is that email with this high likelihood of being spam will have any click-links removed, and replaced with the text:
[Malicious URL Removed]

The last part is that messages that are modified will also have a line of text added to the top of the email, providing this guidance about the modification of the email:

“The URL contained in this message was identified as malicious and was removed for your protection.  If you need legitimate access to this URL contact the sender directly and work through the issue off-line.”

The hope is that this will greatly reduce the number of phishing emails that get in un-modified, and also reduce the number of emails that come in with links to virus-infected web sites.

If you have emails from a specific sender or specific organization that are consistently tagged as ‘potentially malicious’ , please contact the Call Center.  The sending organization may be on a list of potential spam sources, or there may be other problems we can help the sending organization resolve to lower the spam rating on their email.

Remember, do not click on links when an email makes claims about an account problem.  For password expiration notices, always hand-type the UMKC web site address, and search for ‘password reset’.  If there is a question about the legitimacy of an email message that mentions an account problem, contact the UMKC Call Center.