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Mobile Email Client Notification

This afternoon we received reports that some mobile devices are getting prompted to activate an Exchange ActiveSync policy. We believe this is related to the Exchange team installing the first Exchange 2016 server in the environment today. These prompts are primarily impacting Android devices.  This is a blank policy that is enforcing no actual device settings.

If you see this prompt on a mobile device you use to access your UMKC email account, you have two options to address the issue:

1.)  You can Accept the prompt to activate the policy on the device.   Since no actual policy values are being enforced, no settings will be applied.

After activating the policy, you can verify the device settings are not present by going to: Email settings-> Account -> Security options -> Security policy list.

2.)  The email account can be removed and then added back to the mobile device. Upon adding the account back you should not see the EAS policy prompt.

We are working to disable this behavior and regret any inconvenience it may cause.