Skip to content and Adobe Reader is a website used by some University personnel to find and apply for federal grants. This website offers forms that are only compatible with an older version of Adobe Reader. UMKC discontinued the use of this product many years ago in favor of the more secure Adobe Reader DC product, which is the version officially supported by Adobe. This has created some confusion for the personnel who use the website. If you use Adobe Acrobat Pro, you do not need to make any configuration changes, nor do you need to purchase the discontinued Adobe Acrobat Pro XI.

There are two options available if you use website. The first solution, Remote Labs, is available immediately and requires no changes to your computer. To use Remote Labs, visit (you will be prompted to log in with your username and password). Find the section labelled Faculty/Staff Lab and click “Connect to Remote Desktop”. You will be connecting to another computer in a window that opens on your screen, so you will need to login when prompted. When the desktop opens, click the Start button and select “Adobe Reader” from the Start screen.

This option is preferred as it is available immediately and it allows you to interact with without creating any security concerns on your computer. We encourage you to contact the Call Center at (816) 235-2000 or if you have any questions about working in Remote Labs.

There is a second option available if you cannot work in Remote Labs. We can install the older version of Adobe Reader XI. While this older version of Adobe Reader is not incompatible with Adobe Acrobat Pro DC, it does open several security issues on your computer, and it may cause issues with other websites and PDF sources. It is for this reason that the first option of Remote Labs is the recommended solution. If you prefer to downgrade your installation of Adobe Reader, please contact the Call Center at (816) 235-2000 or for assistance.

In either of the above options it is recommended that you use Firefox to download the PDF files website.  Firefox has been installed on Remote Labs and on all workstations across campus.