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New Interface for Campus Instant Messaging

UMKC Information Services will be enabling a new interface for the campus instant messaging program.  Microsoft recently re-branded “Lync” as “Skype for Business.” The change will happen over the weekend of August 1, and should be available to all campus computers by August 3.


When you first log on to your computer after the change, you may get a one-time prompt indicating that Lync needs to restart. This prompt will look like the following graphic:


The main interface is similar to the previous one, in that all of your instant messaging contacts will be listed in the lower half. The top portion of the interface will feature three main icons: the first shows your contact list, the second shows recent missed messages and Skype calls, the last will show upcoming scheduled Skype meetings.

To get a quick overview of the changes after the upgrade, open Skype for Business, press Alt-H, and select “Quick Tips.”

At this time, we do not have connectivity set up to call non-UMKC Skype users. We are currently investigating what options we have available for this capability, as this adds a risk of unsolicited Skype messages to campus users.

For further assistance on the changes, please contact the Call Center at or 816-235-2000.