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Apple iOS 6.1, Exchange, and Entourage/Outlook for Mac

An iOS 6.1 bug is adversely impacting Exchange (faculty and staff email) performance and appears to also be affecting Entourage and Outlook for Mac mail clients.

We are following vendor recommendations to throttle iOS6 devices in order to mitigate the threat to the Exchange environment.

Please note:

iOS 6.1 users may receive the “Cannot Get Mail error that is noted in the “Symptoms” section if they try to act on Calendar items.

Users who receive the error should immediately restart their devices and stop additional processing of Calendar items.

Once Apple addresses the bug, throttling will be removed. Additional information regarding the bug can be found here:

We have received reports that Macintosh users are being prompted repeatedly for credentials in both the Entourage and Outlook mail applications. We are in contact with the IT Liaisons that have reported the issue and are investigating.