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Warning! Email Scam Targeting UMKC Students

Information Services has received notice that several UMKC students have taken fraudulent checks to local banks in relation to an email scam.

The sender of the scam email is posing as a relative of an elderly person that lives in Kansas City.  The scammer is looking for someone to stay with and take care of their parent, and is sending fraudulent checks to email recipients who reply. The recipient is then supposed to deposit the fraudulent check and use Western Union to send the money back to the scammer so that items like walkers and wheelchairs can be purchased.

Always keep in mind:  if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.  Be wary when someone offers you money and be sure you check with trusted mentors before you accept anything.  Nobody sends you “free” money—and you may be liable for repaying the funds.

Information Services takes every precaution to prevent these types of incidents.  However, the reality is that some types of malicious email will get through the system, and it’s up to the recipients to take precautions against falling victim to scams.

Some tips to avoid fraud:

  • When someone randomly sends you an e-mail asking you to receive a check and forward part of the funds to another account, it is typically fraud.
  • Do your research on the person or company before accepting an interview, a job, or a check from them.
  • Consult your banker or parents before answering any e-mail or cashing any checks if you don’t know who they are coming from.

If you have questions or concerns, feel free to contact Information Services. You can also contact Amanda Brown, US Bank Branch Manager, located in in room 212 of the Student Union.