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Dual Mailbox Cleanup

As part of our effort to move all UM System faculty, staff, and students to reside on O365, UM has identified all active Faculty and Staff who have both a student O365 account and an Exchange email account and will be modifying their account to have one mailbox instance.  Since employee accounts take precedence, we will be requiring all employees to save or export any data from their student O365 account (including student email) by 5:00pm, March 19th 2020. At 5:00pm on this date we will be deleting the student O365 account and the data will no longer be accessible.

We will add your legacy student email address to your employee mailbox so that you can continue to receive mail sent to that address. Remember to export or save any email, OneDrive, or SharePoint data that you would like to keep. Please follow the below website if you need to save your emails or files before the account is deleted.

UM System status updates

UM system status updates are available at Users can subscribe to receive updates via text messages, emails or RSS. Notices are sent for new outages, updates, and resolutions for a number of IT Systems at MU.

UMKC system status updates are available at Notices are sent to groups as selected by the author of the outage notice.

Instructional Support

The UMKC Instructional Technology Services (ITS) team has moved to UMKC Online.   If you need support with Canvas, Blackboard, Panopto, Exam Proctoring, or other instructional tools you can find more info here:, by calling 816-235-6700, or emailing them at

Connecting to WiFi

UMKC has wireless access covering most buildings and the Residence Halls.  If you need help connecting your phone, laptop, or gaming device you can find instructions here:

Password & Secure Authentication Toolkit

All UMKC Students, Faculty, and Staff can manage their passwords using the Secure Authentication Toolkit.  This includes changing your password or resetting it, if you’ve forgotten it.  New students will need register your data, which will enable Two Factor Authentication on your account.  This is required to access key UMKC resources and to update your password.

More information and instructions can be found here:

Exchange ActiveSync Mobile Device Policy Update

On March 21st, a PIN code will be required on all mobile devices that have a UM email account configured on them, which includes UMKC employees with email addresses. This includes tablets, smartphones or any device that uses the ActiveSync protocol to connect. Many individuals across the university already use a PIN code to lock their devices, and the requirement will have no impact on them.


About the Policy

The PIN requirement will be enforced by an Enterprise-wide Mobile Device Management policy. The policy will require a 4-digit password (PIN) for all mobile devices that connect to university email. No other settings or restrictions will be enforced within the policy.


Increasing Security System-wide

Device password and PIN enforcement is a security feature to protect you and your mobile devices against loss of highly personal data on the device, including private and work-related messages, contact information and even mobile banking data.


What to Expect

After March 21st, you may notice a screen similar to the one below on your Android or iPhone mobile device.

  • On Android devices, press the “Activate” button on the screen to accept the security feature.
  • On iPhones, follow the instructions on-screen to open iOS settings and turn the Passcode feature on (see figures below).



Android Devices iPhone Devices
Press the Activate button to accept the security policy and set up a PIN. Follow instructions on screen to Open iOS settings, tap Passcode, and Turn the Passcode On.


This policy is ONLY enforcing a four-digit PIN.  Fingerprint and face-ID would still be allowed, but pattern-unlock would no longer be allowed on Android devices.


Accepting this policy will NOT:

  • Erase any data on your device
  • Disable, block or remove any applications
  • Disable or remove any device features or services


Any other actions taken on your device will not occur without a request from you and\or the approval from the Security and Account Management teams.


If you choose not to accept the policy, you would no longer have the ability to access your University email on your mobile devices.


If you have any questions or need assistance addressing this change, please contact the UMKC IS Call Center at or 816-235-2000.


Need to do homework but don’t feel like going to a student computing lab? Visit our Remote Labs website!

UMKC’s Remote Labs

Numerous University software applications are available for faculty, staff and students to use on the Remote Labs website.  It an excellent resource when you want to work from home or if the labs are busy.

It’s easy to connect.  Simply go Remote Labs and click on the yellow Connect Now button.  Use your UMKC login and password to access the website.

There are connection instructions and a FAQ on the website if you have questions.

Security updates for Windows 7 home PCs to connect to UMKC Network

UMKC is updating the way computers and devices connect to the UMKC network on December 20th.  Specifically we are updating to the latest version of TLS (Transport Layer Security), which is used to secure network communications.  While campus computers have been updated, home users running Windows 7 may need to update to the latest version of TLS so that they can use Remote Desktop to connect to UMKC’s network.  Listed below are instructions on how to do so.

Remote Desktop Users from Home running Windows 7

Windows 7 home users who want to use Remote Desktop to connect to a UMKC computer will need to go to Windows Update on their computer, select optional updates, and install update 3080079 .  This update enables TLS 1.1 and 1.2 for Remote Desktop connections.  Without this, users may receive encryption errors and the connection will fail.   The update can also be downloaded and installed from:

Home users running Windows 10 are not affected at this point.   Windows 8/8.1 also includes the TLS update.

If you have questions or need assistance, please contact the UMKC Call Center at 816-235-2000,, over via the online problem report form

Two-factor authentication for myHR begins December 19th

Passwords are the forefront of protecting your personal information and the University’s electronic data. The University is taking further precautions with sensitive data by requiring two-factor authentication to log in to myHR starting Tuesday, December 19, 2017. As its name suggests, two-factor authentication provides an additional layer of password safety by requiring a second method of verification (such as phone and email address) in order for a user to gain access. You will only need to go through the two-factor process once every 30-days for each device/web browser combination when using a University connection. The process will be required every time you log in from any other connection. On and after December 19, 2017, when logging in to myHR (, you will be redirected to a secure authentication page which will walk you through the process:

Consult the Secure Authentication Toolkit FAQs page for more information. If you experience difficulties during the process, please contact your local IT Tech Support team.

Please note: The two-factor authentication process is an additional implementation of the Secure Authentication Toolkit first implemented in Fall 2016. If you have yet to register your University account, visit the Secure Authentication Toolkit webpage to register or to learn more.

New Password Change Process for Students

Beginning this Saturday, March 4th 2017, UMKC students will be required to set their passwords using the new Secure Authentication Toolkit. If a student has not registered their security data in the Secure Authentication Toolkit before this weekend and needs to set a password, the toolkit will recognize the student has not registered and will automatically prompt the student to register their information so they can then set their password. In conjunction, all Pathway password reset links will be transitioned from the old PeopleSoft password reset tools to the new Secure Authentication Toolkit password reset tools. This is another step in the process UM campuses are adopting in order to establish a more secure verification process to better protect personal data and University systems.


Earlier this week, the UMKC IS password page went live, which features the new Secure Authentication Toolkit password reset tools as well as detailed information regarding which tool to use depending upon each user’s particular situation. The UMKC Call Center has been directing current students to register their information in Secure Authentication Toolkit since November and new students will now be able to register and set a password in one process.


If you have questions or need assistance, please contact the UMKC Call Center at 816-235-2000,, over via the online problem report form.