When It Doesn’t Rain In Ireland

This past weekend I took a small trip to Galway, the Aran Island and the Cliffs of Moher. It was probably the best weekend to see the west coast of Ireland! The sun was out all weekend and for the first time in about a month it didn’t rain!

The sights this weekend were truly gorgeous. I started the weekend at the Cliffs of Moher, where I was dropped off at the end of the cliffs where the locals usually go, to avoid the tourists. From there, I walked the entirety of the cliffs. Since the weather was so nice, I was able to see all of the cliffs. On most days the rain, mist and fog limit the visibility of the cliffs.

The walk along the Cliffs ended up being quite a long walk! I spent about four hours walking along the path, taking photos and enjoying the sights.

The Aran Islands were unreal! I didn’t feel like I was even in Ireland anymore because the weather was so nice and warm! I was told by a local that the weather the day I was on the Island, was warmer and better than in Spain. Inishmore was the specific Island that I visited. It is a small island, so small that I biked the entire island within four hours! The island is littered with churches, graveyards, and a lot of happy cows! I visited one of the sand beaches on the island for a picnic and spent a couple hours splashing around in the ocean and soaking up the sun!

Galway was such a wonderful city! Live music is always playing, whether it be on the street or in a pub! I didn’t spend a lot of time in the city, because during the day I went to the Connemara National Park. I hiked the hills of the National Park, and saw some breath taking sights! This weekend will definitely go down in the books!

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