Wagon 9 and 3/4

Yes. That is a Harry Potter reference! My time in Lyon has been great, but this is my little story about my visit to Paris for the three day weekend. My friend Kara and I went to Paris for the weekend and it was great and all, but let me tell you… Being a foreigner who has never in her life taken fast trains and trying to find the wagon we are actually supposed to be in was like Harry Potter trying to find platform 9 and 3/4!

Okay so maybe Harry had more luck than us because he was actually able to find the platform… us.. not so much. So our ticket said that we were second class (’cause I mean what student can afford first class?) and the numbers on the doors of the TGV indicated that with either  1 or a 2. Okay, that was easy enough. Since we did not know which wagon to get on, we got on the first one because it had the seating number we had.

So we got on the train, and then found “our” seats and two other people were seating on our places and so I kindly asked whether this was wagon 18.. and yeah of course it wasn’t. Typical. So we tried to go out but the doors were already locked, then we talked to this nice French train staff and explained to him that we did not know where the wagon 18 was and this was our first time traveling on a TGV (Nice trains btw!). So he told us to get off on the next stop (in a really nice way) and get on the wagon 18. We tried, we failed (we only had like 2 minutes for that guys so…. ). After that we saw him again and he just let us stay in the first wagon. Since it was still second class, I don’t really think it made a difference.

P.S. We actually did find the right wagon when we were coming back from Paris to Lyon! I can now say that I have mastered TGV Seating!