Update from Cape Town

Cheers from South Africa!

Wow so time is really flying by and my stay in South Africa is really coming to an end soon. I am halfway done with my final exams; two down and two left to go. As you can imagine, I’ve been quite busy studying but have still found time to soak up the Capetonion sun while I can. Summer is pretty much in full swing here with temperatures getting very warm already. The beautiful weather that we have had here lately is only going to make it harder to get back on a plane to come home to winter. While I’m excited to see my friends and family back in Kansas City again, I can’t help but already feeling sad that my time abroad is closing in on the final weeks.

So without further a due, here are some photos from my recent (or not so recent) weeks here!


This is a photo of my French and German housemates and I. It has been really cool to interact with not only South Africans but many Europeans as well. During my stay here, people have moved in and out of the house so I’ve lived with several German, French, and Dutch people and I’ve gotten to know some of their languages and customs as well.


Halloween is not as big of a celebration in South Africa as it is in the US; however Cape Town still held a zombie walk that gathered nearly 3,000 zombies to walk around the city center for Halloween!


This is my friend Yvonne and I at a cave we hiked to in Silvermine called Elephant’s Eye. They call it this because the mountain sort of looks like an elephant’s head and the cave is right where the eye would be!


This is an older picture, but still one of my favorites from our spring break trip. This photo was taken at Jeffery’s Bay, one of the most famous surfing beaches in the world. While becoming a professional surfer is just not in the cards for me, we had a lot of fun trying to learn.


This photo was taken during afternoon tea at one of the most posh hotels in Cape Town, the Belmond Mount Nelson. We indulged in plenty of fine teas and sweets this afternoon. We also had an unexpected surprise run in with the actor, Sean Penn! (He is currently working on filming a movie here in Cape Town)

Like I said, I’ve been busy preparing for exams but that does not stop me from going out and exploring Cape Town still. In just one more week my semester will officially be complete and I will have a few weeks off to myself to enjoy my remaining time in South Africa.

Cheers for now!