The Völkerschlachtdenkmal

Ok, if you have no idea what that word in the title means, don’t worry. It is in German, after all, and means “the monument to the Battle of the Nations.” The Battle of the Nations was decisive victory over Napoleon, who had invaded Russia in 1812. The battle itself involved over 600,000 soldiers and was the largest battle in Europe until World War 1. Needless to say, this was a very big deal. The monument itself is probably one of the coolest things that I’ve seen here in Germany so far. I’ve visited it twice now, once in the day time and once at night, and it really is amazing. I feel like pictures will say a lot more than words when it comes to this, so I have several here for your viewing pleasure.

The first picture is the walk up to the monument, with my friends walking up to it.20160403_145445

Next is a group shot of everyone in front of the reflection pool. The pool had live fish in it, which I thought was definitely interesting. I’ve been to Washington, D.C. before and the reflection pool in front of the Washington Monument did not have fish…Volkerschlachtdenkmal

Here are some closeup shots of the monument, with the middle one getting photobombed by my friend Gabriel’s forehead. Thanks, man.

20160403_150625 20160403_150432 20160403_152545

And here is a picture of the reflection pool and the city from the top of the stairs. This thing has at least four different “levels,” with this being taken at the lowest one. The next one is taken inside of the chamber, when we went the second time. Apparently they do concerts within the monument, and that night we were lucky enough to see it! Neat.

                           20160403_150844               20160423_221218

Finally, here’s a shot of the monument at night, in all of its glory.