The final flight home

After hopping on flight after flight, both domestic and international, I could have sworn that I had this airport thing down to a science.

Unfortunately, I have discovered that TSA agents and a bag search can distract even the experienced traveler. It was quick and painless, with only a second look at the dozens of euro coins in a little bag.

It was, however, enough to make me completely forget what I’d been doing and therefore cheerfully walk away from security — and my laptop.

If reading that makes you cringe, don’t worry. This story gets better. I patiently waited outside the gate for my flight, which I had arrived two hours early. I made friends with a young couple and their adorable child, and eventually was chatting with a whole line of people boarding the plane about the age at which children become unreasonably sassy.

Halfway through the walkway towards my plane, I had a sudden epiphany about why my backpack felt oddly lighter. I quickly bid farewell to my line buddies, and headed towards the desk attendant in hopes of a miracle.

As I’m sure you can guess, I was not, in fact, important enough to hold the plane for as I raced to security to get my laptop.

The bright side is that they immediately re-booked me for a later flight without charge.

The dark side is that I had to wait seven more hours for said flight.

Never again will I leave security without double-checking that I grabbed all of my belongings, no matter how intensely the TSA agents scrutinize my bag.

Bridget McSorley is a senior at the University of Missouri-Kansas City double majoring in Business Administration and Languages and Literature. Bridget spent the academic year abroad with the University of Lyon 2 exchange program in France.

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