The city of love…

What is living in France without ever once visiting Paris? My family and friends/acquaintances would never forgive me for that! Therefore, I did not just go for myself… but for everyone back home who was counting on me to go.

So since I’ve already been there before, it was so easy for me to get around. Je me débrouille seule. That’s how the French say it 😉 (I manage  by myself). I’ve noticed that I’m great at this; getting around cities where I’ve never been before or have been only once (because I have yet to get lost in Lyon.. and I doubt it will happen anymore since now I am habituated). The only thing you have to do is hand me a map and I am golden!

Anyways, I was very impressed with everything my friend Kara and I did in just three nights and almost four days, but still we managed to have some downtime at the hotel. We went to La Tour Eiffel, Notre Dame, L’Arc de Triomphe, Château de Versailles, and also walked down Champs Élysées of course!

Our first night we went to the Eiffel Tower because when else would you go?

La Tour Eiffel

Voila! But unfortunately since we actually got to the top (even though it took us all night long! :c) we did not get to see the light show from the inside…

The light show at the Eiffel Tower.
The light show at the Eiffel Tower.

But worry not! We returned! Then just sat there and waited for the light show!

But here are some other awesome photos of my time there:

Couldn't take a picture without tourists in the background…
Couldn’t take a picture without tourists in the background… But Voila the Château de Versailles
At the top of Notre Dame
L’Arc de Triomphe View

Okay so yes, I did have a lot of fun… but here’s the thing.. this small trip to Paris made me realize that I will not be moving there anytime soon. Yeah it is an amazing place to visit and has so many great things to do and see.. but I would not live there for anything in the world. You know how there are some stereotypes about the French being mean to foreigners, and being rude… well that’s mostly Parisians because that is where you’ll find most tourists. There are A LOT of people in that city and I would get annoyed easily (just like how most Parisians probably get). I decided that I would just stay in Lyon since it’s a few hours away and whenever I would feel like I could visit.

Yes, I’m moving to Lyon (No, I wish.)

A bientôt,