YOSAO (You Only Study Abroad Once)

Here is where the trip gets a little crazy. Our Airbnb was in Treviso, Italy…we needed to get to Venice. Little did we know that Venice was an island and to get to Venice from our Airbnb in Treviso it would be an hour taxi ride that would cost almost 80 euros and from the taxi we would have to get a water bus that was another 8 euros. Mind you we would have to pay that price again to get back to our Airbnb. However, we knew none of this when we landed in Treviso.


When we landed we got a taxi to our Airbnb and trying to get inside the house was a trip itself. For starters, the host wasn’t even home. She was at work, which makes sense. However, we couldn’t find the keys to get in. She told us that they were in a black and silver box, so naturally we were looking for a black and silver box. Unfortunately, she failed to mention that it was not an actual box. The box she was referring to was the keypad to get past the gate and into her yard. Now you might be wondering how a keypad to her gate would be a box, well that’s a great question! Apparently, once you put in the code for the keypad and push in on keypad a secret compartment slides down and that’s where the keys were. But, honestly, who would’ve guessed that’s what she meant when she said a “box”.

Nonetheless we got into the house, changed our clothes and unpacked a little. Our next mission was to find a restaurant. The only problem was we didn’t realize that Treviso was a ghost town and the two restaurants we did come across after walking for half an hour were closed. Naturally we were frustrated. We were, hungry and tired (tungry), the place we wanted to see was an hour away by taxi and two hours by train, both costing a fortune. We were stuck and we didn’t know how to get out of this crappy situation. Luckily, the resaurant that was close had wifi so I started to research hotels and ended up booking one within the next fifteen minutes.


Before I booked we weighed the pros and cons of staying in Treviso. Pro: we would save money by staying in Treviso. Con: There was nothing to do in Treviso. Con: All the restaurants were closed and we hadn’t eaten since early that morning. Con: We weren’teven in Venice…the place we came to see. Con: The airport we were flying out of Marco Polo, which was closer to Venice. Con: There was absolutely nothing to do in Treviso. Con: We were only in Venice for two days. As you can see the cons of staying in Treviso outweighed the pros of staying. So once I booked the hotel for Venice we walked back to our Airbnb and packed up, letting our host know we weren’t going to be able to stay (to which she didn’t even reply).

Once we got to Venice we picked the first restaurant we found, which was mistake number one. It was very fancy and the portion sizes were extremely small, yet cost a fortune. I got soup and water and it was over 20 euros. At this point Italy was doing some damage on my bank account, but that didn’t’ stop us from getting gelato. After dessert we headed back to the hotel and called it a night.


The next day we spent our time getting lost in Venice. It was a nice relaxing day and even though it was cloudy, everything was still beautiful and breathtaking. I was relieved we had so little time in Venice. The whole getting to Venice from Treviso was stressful and Venice had done a good number on my bank account with that hotel, but YOSAO, right? Our next stop was Rome!