Welcome to Peking University in Beijing

Peking University

Welcome from Peking University in Beijing, China!  My name is Keith Kelly and I will be your official guide into the life of a law student and summer associate here in Beijing, China.  UMKC Law has an amazing exchange program with Peking University that provides students from around the United States and Canada the opportunity to study for the summer at the most prestigious university in China.  Classes started Monday and will continue through June 5th.  The program gives students the chance to learn various aspects of Chinese law from the most prominent scholars in Asia four hours every morning, followed by a cultural tour of Beijing each afternoon.  Thus far, we have visited the Temple of Heaven and Summer Palace.  Tomorrow, we will learn more about Chinese criminal law and visit Tianamen Square!

Peking UniversityPeking University

Peking University campus

Many more updates on the great food and sights from in and around Beijing on the way.  Stay tuned!