Road Tripping In Ireland

Some would be surprised to hear that surfing is a big deal in Ireland. It actually a really wonderful place to catch some waves!

Finals week is pretty drawn out here in Ireland. It is actually three weeks long. While I spent a good majority of that time studying, I took a pretty nice study break one day and road tripped around western Ireland with a few pals of mine! It was the best day trip I have ever gone on! We drove through a ton of little towns and got to see a part of Ireland that many tourists don’t get to see. We stopped in a small town on the coast called Lahinch, where we spent a couple hours surfing.

Lahinch. In Gaelic inch means beach!

The weather was uncharacteristically nice, so it made for a perfect day for surfing! We made a quick stop at the Cliffs of Moher and made our way home. The day was filled with throwback music, warm weather, and great company!

The town of Lahinch is quite small, but it has a lot to offer. Great food and people!

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