Family Fun

My family came to visit me last week! Two members, my mother and brother, made the long, transatlantic journey to spend a week in Italy. Honestly, I didn’t realize how much I missed them until they got here. My missing someone isn’t an active, mournful missing in which I am full of grief. There isn’t this homesickness invading my thoughts or miserable wishfulness. Instead, my missing someone is wanting to share these experiences with that person and wishing he or she were here to enjoy these experiences together. This goes for my boyfriend, my family, and my friends from home. I love sharing what I am doing in Florence, but would love to have them here to do them with me!

To have family here and share in this Italian experience, for however brief, was wonderful. It did feel strange, I admit, when they left and I didn’t go home with them. It felt wrong, almost, for me to say and them to leave. This isn’t a vacation for me, like it was for them… I live here. They were just visiting. It was surreal that one week ago we were exploring churches and watching the sunset together from a picturesque view. Although I am sad they left, I truly want to make the most of the one month I have left. I am going to make this city my own. It finally feels like it now as I’ve grown accustomed to Italian and navigation, right in the last thirty days. This is a short post, but I just wanted to say how happy and thankful I am for my family and how eager I am to be reunited with loved ones at home!

Below are pictures from what we did together!

We climbed to the top of the bell tower and the cupola of the dome of the main cathedral of Florence, Santa Maria del Fiore. This picture is from the top of the bell tower.
View from Piazzale Michelangelo
Pompeii ruins
The Isle of Capri is easily the most beautiful place I’ve been to in Italy.
Capri waters