toodles peanut butter…hello nutella!

In two days I will be on a private jet to Paris. And by private jet, I mean a plane with 376 seats. I’m not a huge fan of sitting for 8+ hours so I made sure to get a seat by the aisle so I can take frequent walks to the bathroom. I also have a small bladder:P But that’s enough about me… let’s get to the important stuff, such as why the name of my blog (slash soon-to-be novel on The New York Times best seller list) is “nutella abroad.
First question I’m sure you’re all wondering: “Are you like totally obsessed with Nutella?
Nooooooo……….. I’m just very, very fond of it. 
Yes, I am aware that the wonderful land of America has Nutella. I am also aware that Costco sells jars almost as big as my head! BUT, there is something about the Nutella in Europe that makes me giddy. It’s just better. Like the Coke. 
Accept my words and book a flight there so you can experience the best thing since sliced bread for yourself. 
(It goes great on sliced bread, by the way.)
For those Nutella virgins who have never tasted the mixture of hazelnut, skim milk, cocoa and many other ingredients I don’t have memorized, do you live under a rock with Patrick the Starfish? Probably.
Anyway, second question you’re probably wondering: “Are you really flying all the way to Paris just for Nutella?”
Great question, thanks for asking!
Kanye West flies to Belgium for wood so why can’t I fly to Europe for Nutella? Just kidding, I swear on my dead fish’s grave that I am going to get an education too!
RIP Henry.
Nutella and knowledge…what could be better? Nothing.
Aside from eating NutellaI am spending two days in Paris with my fabulous pal Isabel and then we are taking a two hour-long train ride to Lyon, France. We will spend six weeks in Lyon where we will live with a host family and study French. After the program, I will be backpacking around town with some friends. We will start in Paris and make our way to Amsterdam, Croatia, and Italy. In other words, wherever the wind takes us… as long as the wind follows our semi-tight itinerary since we already bought train tickets 😛 
My fellow backpackers, Isabel, Jake, Rebecca, and I have decided that our trip motto is #wingingit. I’d like to think we are the perfect combination of spontaneity and being overly prepared.
Example: Rebecca is bringing anti-wrinkle spray; I’m bringing a first-aid kit and oatmeal; Jake is bringing his MacBook; and I’m betting my right arm that Isabel is bringing cleaning supplies, shower shoes, and a mini vacuum.
Yet, we have found ourselves saying “oh,yeah…we’ll figure that out when we get there.”
Well, I’m sorry to leave on such short notice but I just remembered that I have to go get a cavity filled (thanks Nutella). Stay tuned for (mostly appropriate) shenanigans, Nutella-utopia, and my French-y experiences. 
Peace. Love. Nutella.
Au revoir!
 P.S., if anyone knows where the French male models hang out, let me know.