The Adventure Begins…

‘Twas the night before adventure, when all through the house not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse; the Osprey was packed with minimal clothing, in hopes of adventure that would soon be here. The boy, however, was not nestled all snug in his bed. Instead he had visions of a laptop and his very first blog.

At 07:00 CT today (6/30) the adventure begins! I will be off to New York, then leaving for Scotland in the evening! My osprey is indeed packed (my osprey porter 46) with what I deem as minimal, however, considering we will be in Scotland for quite awhile I made sure to pack a little extra than what most travel experts may typically consider as minimal, but only to avoid a copious number of laundry days.

I have always been a self-proclaimed wander-luster. Having been a Boy Scout and Eagle Scout I have gone on many adventures to many different places, however, I have never been to Europe and certainly not on my own. This upcoming trip brings a lot of emotions, but for me, it primarily excitement, as I am finally achieving one of my biggest dreams of traveling to Europe, an area that I have always kept a special eye out for on the world map in my room. The world is so vast and beautiful I cannot ever imagine spending it all in one place. The world was made to be seen and I fully intend to do so.

In preparation for this trip I have been reading many travel blogs, websites, and books. For me personally though I found Savvy Backpackers guide to traveling to be the most useful thus far. I will have to reflect on this point when I return to see if all of the advice given was actually good. If you are gearing up to travel though I would definitely recommend it.

At the end of the day, I am ecstatic to be able to travel and learn in Scotland. I am also excited to get the opportunity to do some side traveling after my Study Abroad in Scotland is completed and I intend to visit Southern Germany, Switzerland, and Italy. I will be sure to update you all not only on my study abroad in Scotland, but also whatever mischief I find in my side travels!

As my eyes begin to drift shut I know I have an incredibly busy day tomorrow and should have gone to sleep hours ago, but there is much ado when adventure is in the air, and not even the visions of sugar plums dancing in my head could lull my excitement tonight.

Until next time,


Brandan Fitzgerald is a sophomore at the University of Missouri-Kansas City studying Business with an emphasis in Finance. Brandan is spending the summer term abroad with the UMKC Honors Summer Program in Scotland.

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Arriving in Cork

  Leaving the airportAs of today, I have been in Ireland for 11 days. From the Thursday I arrived it has been a nonstop journey.

Here is just a glimpse of what my days have consisted of.

  • Saturday, June 8th
    • Hop on/Hop off tour of the city of Cork
      hop on hop off tour
      During the Hop on/Hop off tour of Cork
  • Sunday, June 7th
    • Went on a Paddy Wagon tour to the Cliffs of Moher (one of the tops tourist places in Ireland)
      Cliff of Moher
      Sitting on the edge of the world 🙂 Cliffs of Moher
  • Monday, June 8th
    • First day of Irish History Lectures
    • Visit St. Finn Barre Cathedral and The Elizabeth Fort
    • Movie night with the class, “Waking Ned Devine”
  • Tuesday, June 9th
    • Lectures during the morning and afternoon (all day)
  • Wednesday, June 10th
    • Daytrip #1
      • Kissed The Blarney Stone and enjoyed the nature of the park
      • Ran in to Madison’s Momma 🙂
      •  Walked the Pier at Kinsale (Probably my favorite Irish City I’ve been to)
      • Toured & Explored the beauty of Charles Fort
        charles fort
        At the top of Charles Fort
      • Celebrated Jacob’s birthday at Chamber’s (Free cake & Sparking Grape Juice)
  • Thursday, June 11th
    • More lectures (I’m going to tell you every time I’m in class, just so you think I’m actually learning, in which I am… It’s just a lot more fun!! :P)
    • Travel to Edinburgh, Scotland for the weekend

The first week, as you can see, there is barely any time for sleep!