Pura Vida

I landed in Costa Rica around noon on Saturday. As soon as I was greeted from my host family I started thinking “oh my gosh, I am actually in Costa Rica!” My host mom welcomed me with a kiss on the cheek and Spanish. I had no idea what she was saying but she was smiling so I assumed it was something nice and I said “hahaha Si gracias” The first day was a little rough, everything looked so different and I wasn’t use to seeing anything like the neighbourhood I stay in. Everyone was honking, staring, and my host brother was casually doing 100 mph down the street. I’m assuming it was normal considering the only person that was freaking out was me. You know when you’re in an unfamiliar environment¬†and you look around you to see if anyone has the same reaction but they don’t so you kind of just sit there trying to visibly look like you’re accustomed to craziness? That was me.

As soon as I arrived at my new Tico home my host family began talking to me in Spanish. ¬†Again, I had no idea what they were saying so I said “hahah Si gracias” the saying has kind of become my go to these days. My mama Tica makes the best food my first night here we had rice and beans (everyday) plantains, and chicken. I was then showed my room and the view is amazing! I have my own room and bathroom and I also have a separate living space up here.

The next day we had a city tour and I got to see the University I will be attending and we also got to see some of downtown San Jose. I no longer felt homesick. I was just excited, and grateful to be here. I actually talked to people first, and I have three friends so yay! I started classes on Tuesday and I love them! I have Spanish class from 8-12pm everyday and my teacher is the most friendly energetic professor you could ever have. She makes class interesting, and in class we are only allowed to speak Spanish so I am learning a lot already!


Tomorrow I am headed to Tamarindo! ISA has three excursions included in the price so we will be going to a different city for the next three weeks, Friday- Sunday. I will be horseback riding and going on a boat tour at sunset to a private island where we will be paddle boarding and snorkeling. Costa Rica has been so welcoming and fun so far. I look forward to sharing more with you! Pura Vida! (pure life)


my favourite house to walk past on the way to school
my favorite house to walk past on the way to school