Preparing for a New Journey

I will be traveling to Buenos Aires, Argentina this summer to study abroad. I am very excited to travel abroad for the first time and to travel alone without my family. This is a good opportunity for me to improve in my spanish and travel to a different country. I have packed all my clothes and things that I may need for Argentina. When I arrive, it will be winter time and I’ll deeply miss the warm weather that Kansas brings. Due to the weather, I have packed warm winter clothes but also some summer clothes because I could travel to another country that may be warm with other students. I also have packed my host family’s gift as well. It’s nice to give a small gift to the host family to thank them for having me stay at their home.

Before I leave for Argentina, I will need to finish my homework that my professor has assigned my class. My professor has assigned us homework to do before we leave so that we can get most of the homework done and spend most of our time with activities to do in Argentina. I think this is a good way for all the students to explore more in Argentina rather than be stuck at home doing homework. I’m nervous for my classes in Argentina. Hopefully I can adjust well to the environment and get along with everyone. I’ve said my goodbyes to my friends and family because I will miss them while I am in Argentina. I can feel the butterflies in my stomach going crazy for this trip. I will be leaving soon and I am excited for this new journey. Argentina here I come!

Julie Jeong is currently a freshman at the University of Missouri-Kansas City studying Chemistry, Entrepreneurship, and Spanish. Julie will spend the summer with the UMKC Spanish Program in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She plans to attend UMKC’s Dental School after her undergraduate study. She plans to use Spanish in her career as a future dentist who strives to help patients and eliminate miscommunications.

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