Post-Undergrad Abroad

When I was finishing my degree by studying abroad with the Honors College, I knew I wanted to stay on in Europe for awhile. I would already be there and it would be the perfect time to spend an extended period abroad before getting an “adult” job.

I began looking at my options and pretty quickly found Au Pair jobs in France. I wanted to go to France and improve my French skills which I did not have a chance to work on during my college career. Taking care of children and going to a language class while living in Paris is a pretty good gig.

Deciding to be an Au Pair is a year-long commitment, so I knew I needed the support of an agency to help me out with the paperwork and to intervene just in case things headed south with the family. That was the best decision I made. I’ve met other au pairs since that have not had that support and things can get messy so quickly.

The process was a long one, but having the agency really helped me step through each piece. I created lots of documents both for the government and for potential families. I began everything at the beginning of March and left the country at the end of June. My stay in Paris lasts from September to next July.

There are lots of options to getting abroad besides just studying; I am considering a Working Holiday Visa for Australia next year. I am also earning so much experience by settling into this new country that will only boost my resume. So take a gap year and go work in another country!

Claire Davis graduated from University of Missouri-Kansas City studied Liberal Arts with minors in Theatre and Environmental Sustainability. Claire spent Summer 2017 finishing her degree with the UMKC Honors Program in Scotland.

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