Photo Frenzy

On our first Saturday in the UK, the Study Abroad office here at Roehampton scheduled a bit of a scavenger hunt for us to run around and get acquainted with the typical post-card picture London. We met at the Reef, a small café on the Southlands (my college, go sharks!) at 9:30 and were handed a folder of riddles to solve, which we would travel to and take pictures of. I met up with the other students from UMKC, Lori and Kirk, as well as another girl from Lori’s flat Meg, and our group of four grew to a group of seven when we met a few others while deciphering the clues: Maria, Alex, and Holden.

I had an incredible day, running through the city being a stereotypical tourist with a bunch of new friends and peers. Instead of making this a more text-heavy post, I’ll leave a few of my favorite pictures below, since that’s what you want to see anyway, right?


One of our first pictures, at Waterloo station. For us to get into central London, we take a quick bus ride to the train station, which then takes us here! PC: Holden Jones


Here’s the Globe Theatre; it wasn’t actually one of the stops on this scavenger hunt, but it was right next to Millennium Bridge, which was. Fun Fact: this isn’t the original Shakespearian theatre, which burnt down June 29, 1613. This one opened in 1997, a few hundred feet away from the original site. PC: Me


As most of you know, London is situated on the River Thames, which we walked along throughout the day. There was a portion of rail that had locks on it, much like the Lover’s Lock bridge in Paris. This is a picture I snapped of one of the coolest locks I’ve ever seen.


Here’s a picture of a man playing a flaming tuba. Typical London. PC: Lori Scoby

Here’s another one of Group 6 in Westminster. To your right, out of frame, is Big Ben and Westminster Abbey.  PC: Kirk Williams


This is a quick picture I snapped on the way to the Royal Opera House. I’ll give you a minute to get the reference. (Hint: He makes muffins)


Here’s a picture of a statue named the Meeting Place. It’s located in King’s Cross station, which along with St. Pancras next door, is one of London’s gateways to Europe. PC: Me


One last stop before heading back into Westminster to turn in our papers was Barnes Street. Right next to Holmes’ home/museum was the London Beatles Store, complete with Sgt. Pepper’s window-fronts, and a Rock ‘N’ Roll Memorabilia Store that I’ll definitely have to make my way back to this semester.

Thanks for taking the time out of your day to read through my post! I have one more class this week, then I’ll have an update on the school side of London. Have an incredible day!

Xx Jessica

Cold update: still hanging on strong, I’m about to open my fourth box of Kleenex since Sunday