On the Road Again

The last week of Scotland was a nonstop hustle from place to place. We left the city of


Edinburgh to head into the wilderness – the Highlands. Honestly, this part of the trip was the most demanding for me. Each night was a different hostel and each day was a long and bumpy bus ride. However, I would not trade it for the world. I think this part of the trip was the most significant because I was forced to be as flexible and adaptable as I could be. It was definitely a learning experience and I feel like I am more comfortable with handling fast paced situations now. For anyone considering a road trip through the Highlands, I recommended buying your own towel and bug spray. I also think you should be prepared for the unexpected and try to go with the flow for the best results.

Searching for whales




I have to say, going through the Highlands was my favorite part of this trip next to seeing medieval abbeys. I come from the outskirts of medium sized town, so I grew up surrounded by nature. I lived with the forest as my backyard and pastures as the front, so I felt at home in the Highlands. The towering hillsides speckled with sheep were beautiful and fit my idea of what Scotland looked like. I definitely could have stayed longer and climbed the various mountains around me. A week was not long enough to fully immerse myself in the Highlands.


Beach by Blackhouse Village
Loch Ness (Nessie not pictured)








 Samantha Bradfield is a junior at the University of Missouri-Kansas City studying Psychology and Art History.  Samantha is spending the summer abroad with the UMKC Honors Summer Program in Scotland.

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