Miserable in Paradise??

So  I have been in Costa Rica for a little under four weeks now and I have been miserable. Ok, not miserable but I have been experiencing an unfamiliar feeling I wasn’t expecting. When I first got here for some reason I had the impression that this transition would be a piece of cake.  I’ll be the first to admit that I thought the term “culture shock” sounded extremely dramatic but I realized this week that was exactly what I have been experiencing.  People experience culture shock in different ways. For me, its included AT-TI-TUUUDE. I have been so irritable and emotional over the smallest things.  Last week I cried before dinner because I was over gallo pinto (rice and beans) It’s a typical dish here in Costa Rica and we eat it twice a day, everyday. On top of that I kind have just been in a funk. I’ve made a few friends. But every day after class I come straight home and stalk everyone from back home.  I’m so up to date on everything I honestly feel like I’m still in the United States and that has been a HUGE mistake!


This week I’ve came to the realization that I need to disconnect for social media. I’ve been so eager to show everyone what I’ve been up to and keep everyone updated on Facebook that I haven’t really been enjoying myself.  Last night I read up on past study abroad students biggest regrets while being abroad and how I could start making better use of my down time. I went to sleep with the intention to start fresh the next day. Step out of my comfort zone and do something that scares me. And that happened to be approaching someone and asking them if they wanted to be my travel buddy. Something so small yet so empowering for me. I’m extremely nice but I’m also introverted and can be shy so I felt like the woman after making such a bold move. haha


Now don’t get me wrong. Costa Rica is beautiful, and I have the best roommate, host family, and I’m blessed to be here but, I’ve noticed that during the last few weeks I haven’t had the best perspective. Studying abroad, as is everything in life, is what you make of it. You can choose to stay locked to your phone all day and go home immediately after school or you can decide to be spontaneous on purpose. I’m so glad I’ve decided to change my attitude sooner than later. Life is good, and although I still have a little over two months left I look forward to what’s ahead. Hasta Luego!



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  1. Way to go Chrysteene and thank you for sharing. There are many sides to studying abroad — we are eager to hear more stories about different ways you are growing. Congratulations for actually leaving home and embracing beautiful Costa Rica. Pura Vida!

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