‘Lizzie McGuire Moment’

From Venice to Rome we took a water taxi to the airport and got on our next flight. Our hotel room was nice in Venice, but extremely warm and we couldn’t figure out how to work the AC, leaving us to the fan that only blew out warm air. This made it difficult to sleep and left me with approximately two hours of sleep, making my first day in Rome exhausting. Not to mention that our taxi driver got lost and what was supposed to be a thirty minute ride, turned into an hour and a half. The driver stopped the cab multiple times to ask for directions and each time he got angrier with the people trying to help him. Many times he turned to us and asked us as well…but in Italian, so obviously we couldn’t help. Finally after an hour and a half he finds it and was kind enough to give us some money back for the time he spent asking for directions. By the time we got out of the cab we were more than ready to just chill in our Airbnb for a little bit.


Rome’s Airbnb was beautiful, but was confusing as to who the host was. It turns out that the flat we stayed in is owned by a couple, but they rented it out to this girl who was living there. We had no idea we would be rooming with someone yet again. Except, we weren’t really rooming with her because to be rooming with someone you have to have a room. We had a couch…that the two of us shared. Mind you it was an L shaped couch so we fit comfortably for the most part, but still we didn’t have a room. We booked for a room and got a couch.

Anyways, after we unpacked we went out to explore. With only two hours of sleep and not eating anything, I figured lunch would help. I was wrong, eating food only made me feel worse. So after lunch we decided to call it quits for the day and return to the flat to do some laundry. I did laundry while Jessica took a nap and while waiting for laundry I read Harry Potter. But eventually, exhaustion took over and I passed out. When I woke up I still felt sick, so we went to the grocery store to get some food and stomach remedies. Needless to say that was an early night.


Our next day in Rome was better. We met the girl living in the flat and she was lovely and ate breakfast with us. When we were done with breakfast we went down to the Colosseum and got tickets for it and the Roman Forum. The Forum was huge and beautiful; we easily spent a few hours there. After the forum we got another hop on hop off bus tour and went to the Trevi Fountain (aka the Lizzie McGuire fountain). Here I got to have my Lizzie McGuire moment and tossed a coin into the fountain, only it didn’t exactly go into the water. I’m almost positive it got stuck on one of the stone carvings.


Shortly after the Trevi Fountain and a few more stops on the bus tour we headed back for the day, where the girl we stayed with was getting ready for her dinner party. She was thoughtful and invited us to it and even gave us her room for the night so they wouldn’t bother us. However, exhaustion took over and we politely declined and passed out in her bedroom, not to mention that we don’t understand a word in Italian.

The next and last day in Rome was more chill and we spent our day in the Vatican, exploring and learning about history and art. It was a nice way to end our time in Rome and move onto to the next city. The next stop is…Naples!