Let the Games Begin

Arriving in Ireland and spending about a week here has already exceeded my expectations. Over the weekend I visited the Cliffs of Moher with a group of people I am studying with and it was absolutely breathtaking. It was by far the neatest and prettiest place I have been. I still have 3 weeks left to see Ireland and travel to different places and I could not be more excited. Exploring the town of Cork is awesome because it is so different from home. Everyone is so friendly and they are very helpful in situations for instance like getting lost and not knowing how to get back to your apartment.

For me it is already hard to be away from home and my mom but this is a once in a lifetime experience and I am so thankful to be here. Getting homesick is a normal thing but the friends that I have already made on this trip has made this journey easier. On a trip like this it is very easy to make friends. Most of the people come over here not knowing anyone like myself so I have had the opportunity of getting to meet 14 other students and potential friends for years to come. This experience is out of my comfort zone but it has already broken me out of my shell. I am doing things I did not think I would be able to do because of my anxiety. It does take a little time adjusting to a new culture and just a new environment in general. I have been here about a week and this experience is already eye opening to me. Being able to experience another culture and learn their history is an incredible opportunity and it opens your eyes to the world outside of America.