Keep Dancing Like We’re 22

I finally had my first London night life experience last night and early into this morning! We went out for my best friend and mine’s birthday. Mine was the 28th and her’s is Feburary 5th. After doing some minimal research and word on the street my friends and I decided to go to Pryzm. But before we went to Pryzm we got dinner at King’s Head Pub. Although the it was a tad bit pricey, the food was worth it. They give you so much! I got the traditional English fish and chips and mushy peas and it was delicious!


The pub had a nice cozy feel to it with warm, soft lighting not to mention it was nice and toasty in there, but it was definitely preferred than the cold weather. After dinner we went to Kingston for some gelato at Cream’s. I got chocolate hazelnut and Nutella and peanut butter. It was absolutely delicious, but I couldn’t finish it all, luckily my friends all pitched in and helped.


And finally after Cream’s we hit the club! Now Przym is definitely different than clubbing in the states. To start with we had to show them our ID twice and then they took our picture before sending us through security, like proper airport security where you put all your belongings in a bowl and then walk through. If you set off the alarm, they pat you down.

After we got through security they had us sign up to get more info and with that we got free entry for next time and a free shot! Now the thing about Pryzm is it doesn’t open until ten and some rooms don’t open until a certain time. Przym also has a cover charge of 9 pounds and if you bring a coat you have to check it for another 2 pounds, so 11 pounds total, not to mention the drinks that are 6+ and up. So if you’re going to Pryzm come prepared!

But the thing that makes Przym so cool is that it seems like it’s in an old time theatre, so there are four different rooms you can go to. There’s the main lounge room where you can get drinks and then there’s my favorite room; Disco. All of the rooms have the sickest lighting and there’s a couple bars in each room. After about midnight the place starts to get packed. Many people were celebrating their birthday and I’m not gonna lie. I felt a little old there because a lot of the people were celebrating their 18th or 19th birthday, while I was celebrating my 22nd, but I have to remember their 18th is our 21st so in the end it makes sense.


After many good laughs, memorable pictures, crazy inside jokes and some awesome dance moves we headed back home for the night and got back near two. Overall it was a successful night and I’m glad I got to celebrate it with Team Badass! (: But until next time.