Ireland is Craic and All That

I’ve been in Ireland for a while now, and I am definitely in love with Cork! The people are wonderful, the atmosphere is comfortable, and I am constantly learning new things! Though I have hit some minor bumps in the road, I can say that it has paid off. Though I am a foreigner, I am able to have conversations with the locals about the local politics, and life in Cork. I know I am far from being a local, but it is definitely nice to talk with the people from Cork!

School is structured differently here. This week I have a reading week for my classes so I will most likely get caught up on all my readings and maybe write a paper or two. I am already halfway done with the semester, and its only February! Classes finish the first week in April! The semester is going by too fast! I have also found that college work in Ireland, is mostly independent study, supplemented by a lecture once a week. Adjusting to the different structure of college in Ireland, definitely took a little while. I have found it has made me a better student though! To keep up in the classes, you definitely have to read. The class discussions also help with understanding the readings, as well as the material of the lectures! I am really enjoying the classes I am taking. It is probably one of my favor parts of being in Ireland!

I am excited for this weekend! I am going to a traditional Irish music concert, in a local pub. The school is sponsoring the night, so a lot of my classmates will be there! I am also going to do all the fun touristy things Cork has to offer this weekend, as a way of getting know the city even better! I have many Irish friends that have taken on the title of tourist guide, just for this weekend! I think it will craic! In Gaelic, the term “craic” means “fun”. Everyone here says craic instead of fun, and it is starting to grow on me. I have found myself often saying “and all that craic” at the end of sentences! Overall, I can say that Ireland is craic and I am so glad to be here!

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