Hung Up on Midterms

I talked about a little in the previous blog post about how the pressure of midterms was starting to be felt, and how I can feel every tick of the clock that is counting down to the due dates of my papers and projects. Let me first just say the layout of the first semester is very different from this semester. In the previous semester there were no breaks until finals where you had one week for revision. In this semester though we get a break in winter (one week for most and two weeks for business students), it is longer, dissertations are due for fourth years, classes end [for me] on March 30, there is a long spring break, and finals don’t start until April 25 and they will last until the end of May.

My midterms included, two individual papers, three group presentations (one where we have to create a business and make a business plan), and two group papers; all due in the same two week period in March. So far my weeks have been filled with group meetings and research for papers and projects. The classes I am taking this semester are: International Strategic Management in Practice, Services Marketing, and Entrepreneurship and New Venture Creation. My main projects in each have been a book report and presentation on the book Losing the Signal: The Untold Story Behind the Extraordinary Rise and Spectacular Fall of BlackBerry, a service blueprint of Deliveroo and a paper comparing services for service quality face-to-face and internet, and creating a business and business plan that will be presented to angle investors. The pressure is on, but once March ends (and classes) I will be able to relax, travel, and go on adventures.

Last semester I spent my time moving between classes (on weekdays) and new cities (on weekends), but this semester it feels like I am more focused on academics and traveling will be a vacation and reward for my all of my hard work.

How the fall and spring terms are set up is very different from each other and my approach to how I divide my time is too, but I like it. By being here a year I was able to see different aspects of the student culture and I got to experience different strategies to how you can live your life studying abroad.

Helpful Hint: No matter how you divided your time while studying abroad remember you are there to study, but also experience a new culture. It is important to find balance.