Hello everyone!

I hope you are all enjoying your semester back home and as you prepare for midterms, I am nearing the end of my semester in South Africa. This week is our last week of classes, then we have exams, and finally I am finished! I have been quite busy preparing my last assignments for classes and shifting into study mode for exams. However, that has not completely stopped me from doing miscellaneous things around Cape Town. Here are some of my recent photos of what I’ve been up to!


This is some friends and I at a traditional South African “braai” at a place called Mzoli’s. In South Africa a braai is similar to a barbecue; you grill meat, bring drinks, and invite all of your friends. They are often more of a social gathering than they are a dinner party.


This is a friend and I at a community day in the Phumlani township. A large group of us went with an organization to spend a day hanging out with the local children who live in this township. This is one of the poorest townships in Cape Town with only 8 water spigots, no electricity, or indoor plumbing. It was great to spend time chatting and playing with these kids because on a regular basis they don’t receive this much attention. They were all so sweet and had a great time with us!


This is a group of friends and I during a popular bike ride called “Moonlight Mass.” This ride occurs each month and gathers nearly 3,000 Capetonians to ride their bikes under the full moon. As you can tell by our layers, it gets quite windy and cold in Cape Town at night, even when you are biking.


Here is something you may find familiar! This is my housemates and I at the finish of the Color Run 5k race. This race is held in many different cities throughout the world, including Kansas City.


This is a group of volunteers, including myself, and kids we took on a hike up the famous Table Mountain. The children were from another local township and really enjoyed the hike. In fact, many of them were so eager to hike they beat most of us volunteers up the mountain by quite a lot of time. Again, this was a great way to spend a day interacting with some of the local children.

So even though it is crunch time for exams, I have still been having a great time in and around Cape Town!

Until next time,