Ending a Semester Abroad

With the beginning of final exams came the end of a semester studying abroad. While I will be in Europe for a majority of the summer, the experience will not be the same. My friends from across the globe, have all gone home to their internships, families and friends. My friends here in Ireland have left Cork for their homes in the countryside. The city is not as active now that school is out, but it is just as wonderful even so. All semester I was caught up in the moment, so much so that it went by in the blink of an eye. I can say that I have learned so much about myself, and the world this semester. For the first time in my life, I was immersed in different thought, and culture. I have made so many memories here, that I won’t forget them any time soon. Along with that, I have friends to visit around the world and connections that I am sure will last a life time. Every moment was a learning experience, and because of that, I am confident I have learned more this semester than any semester in college before this. I am conflicted about going home, because I want to see my family and friends, but with that, I do not want to leave Ireland or Europe in the slightest. I never expected that to be the case, but now I know why everyone who studies abroad loves the experience so much. I believe that this semester has instilled in me ‘the travel bug’, I am already planning to see friends before the end of the year. I hope to travel more after graduation too!

Cork Port! My favorite place to sit and watch life go by.

I have been given so many opportunities this semester. I saw the ocean for the first time in my life, traveled to multiple countries that some will never see in their lives, and have become somewhat of a surfing fanatic. (Ireland has great coasts for surfing!) I will always remember my time in Ireland and the amazing memories I have made here.








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