Coffee, Coffee, Coffee!

One of my favorite things to do while I have been in Edinburgh, Scotland is going to all the different coffee shops. I love coffee and there are numerous different coffee shops all over. Of course, there are some Starbucks, but even more unique, privately owned little shops. I have made it my mission to go to as many of these as possible and avoid Starbucks at all costs.

One thing I have noticed about coffee in Scotland is there isn’t much fufu coffee offered. It is primarily americanos, lattes, and cappuccinos. Adding flavors or making a triple white chocolate mocha latte with extra foam is not a thing. Each coffee shop has been different from the next, none being remotely the same. And the coffee (I always get a cappuccino) has been some of the best cappuccinos I have ever had in my life. I know that sounds very exaggerated, but I’m not even kidding. The foam on the cappuccinos is sweeter and they either add chocolate flakes on top or draw the pretty leaf in the foam. I’m still amazed how they do that and I get excited each time I see it.

I got a heart drawn in my cappuccino! I’m in love.
My eggs on toast at Press Coffee!

My favorite in all of Scotland is this little coffee shop on the corner named Press Coffee.  I pass this shop everyday on my way to class. The outside is a bright, royal blue that made me notice the small shop in the first place. The inside was painted a sunny, shining yellow with small circular coffee tables and little wooden chairs. Here I got my cappuccino with the leaf drawn on top and eggs on toast. Not only was it the best coffee I’ve ever had, but also the best eggs. Everything in Scotland has been so fresh and yummy. You can definitely tell the difference. The bread was thick slices of whole grain bread that had been homemade. I sat here for about an hour with my friend, both of us going on and on about how much we loved this place. It was a very cute, homey little shop that made me so happy. I left with a full tummy and happy mood. We went back a second time before we left and I got the same thing, except this time my cappuccino had a heart drawn in it!


There’s a leaf in my coffee!
This is me sipping on my heart shaped cappuccino. It was so good, I had to get a larger cup this time around.
This is the inside of Press Coffee. There are more tables on either side of the picture that you can’t see.
This is my cappuccino from Natural Food Kafe. You can see the chocolate flakes they add to the top. Almost looks like a toasted marshmallow.

Another place I went to was called Natural Foods Kafe. I went here with my fellow classmates to interview the cafe owner for one of my class projects. The owner was an older, hilarious guy. He had a sign posted outside his cafe that read “Eat here or we will both starve. -The Owner.” He was humorous and his cafe was warm and cozy, it felt almost like home. The cappuccino there was delicious just like every other place. The foam on top was sweeter than the foam on the top back home in the States.

Coffee cup from The Frigate in Ullapool. I was walking on the street right outside the cafe when I took this picture.


The third place I went to was a place named The Frigate, Ullapool. I got this coffee while waiting for the ferry in Ullapool to take us to the Isle of Lewis. The coffee shop was in a cute little town and inside was just as decadent. There were two walls lined with delicious looking pastries.  You could pick up as many as you want, put in a bag, and take it to the register to pay. Of course, here I got a cappuccino again (I really need to start branching out and trying something new). This coffee was yummy, even more so because it was very windy and cold on the coast. In America, getting a coffee to take home is called “to go” but in the UK it is called “take away.” It has been an adjustment to remember to say “take away” or else they look at you like “what are you talking about.”

My time in Scotland has been fun trying out all the cute little coffee shops scattered around. May your travels be safe and full of good coffee!

-Nicole Wilhelm

Nicole Wilhelm is a sophomore at the University of Missouri-Kansas City studying Nursing. Nicole is spending the month of July in many different cities in Scotland with the UMKC Honors College Program in Scotland. Nicole is involved in UMKC’s Campus Ambassadors, Swim and Dive Club, BHS Society, and Student Nursing Association.

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