Caving for College Credit

Imagine traveling to depths of the earth that house secrets that still can’t be explained today. Well, that was an exciting adventure that I embarked on during my time abroad, and the best part, it was all for college credit! One of the many fantastic benefits of studying abroad is the opportunity to take classes that aren’t offered by your home university. Now you might be wondering where on earth I might have traveled to explore such an exciting phenomenon. Well, the secrets are held all around us in the caves of the earth’s crust! I was so fortunate to have had the opportunity while studying at the University of Bologna to take a course over Speleology. Throughout the course, we traveled to 8 different caves in France and Italy to study the untold stories of the earth’s creation written by the sediment and formations inside the caves. I had been in caves before, but I had never really understood what I was looking at. It was so interesting to me how something that just looked like a rock to me before could now tell me that thousands of years ago there was a drastic change in the climate or that this location used to be completely underwater and filled with life.

I am so thankful I had the opportunity to study topics outside my major. I may not have needed the Speleology course for my Bachelors of Arts in Chemistry, but I got to learn about a topic that deepened my appreciation for the world around me and other’s passions for geology. I highly recommend to anyone that is thinking of studying abroad to talk to their academic advisor about planning their courses around their semester abroad. This course really pushed me to try things outside of my comfort zone and to learn about topics that I had no prior knowledge of. I would highly recommend it to anyone thinking of studying abroad in Bologna and I can’t wait to continue caving now on my own time.

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Olivia Weaver is a junior at the University of Missouri–Kansas City pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry, a minor in Psychology on a Pre-Dental track. Olivia will be studying in Bologna, Italy for her spring 2019 semester through the University of Bologna Exchange program. Olivia is excited about the opportunity to experience and appreciate different customs and traditions of those across the globe.


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