We had another early flight for Barcelona, but at least we had four to five hours of sleep under our belt. When we landed it took us a while to find our flat, but once we did we were relieved to see that there was an elevator to take us to the fifth floor. What we didn’t find out until later that night was we were sharing the AirBnB with three other families. That was interesting, seeing as how we were spoiled in Madrid and had the flat to ourselves, minus the host. We hardly saw our host for Barcelona, but it didn’t really matter because we were typically out all day.


The first day we met up with some of Jessica’s friends and got lunch. They showed us around their favorite parts of central Barcelona and we had a great time, despite being exhausted. Later that night we found the best place for sangria. Although the gelato was not as great as the one in Spain, we kept up the tradition of having it at least once a day (please stop judging me). After gelato we went back to the flat, only to find that once again the door was hard to unlock, so of course we struggled with that for about five minutes. See? I told you this would be a reoccurring theme. Once we finally got in we hit the hay.

After a good night’s rest, I was ready to take Barcelona by stride. We went on a hop on-hop off bus tour that took us to Barceloneta Beach. It was absolutely cold, but still breathtaking. After that we got back on the bus and saw the Segrada Familia. By now we were pretty tired, spending most of the day out so we got tapas and Sangria then called it a night.


The next day was our last full day in Barcelona, so naturally we decided to go to Park Güell and hike. But, before we went to the park we went to St. Joseph’s Market. They mostly had fresh fruits, vegetables and meat, but we found some fruit popsicles that were amazing! We didn’t stay too long in the market, because we wanted to have enough time at the park. Getting to the park was a hike itself, but we wanted the best view of the city so we continued to hike throughout the park, which was on a hill that gradually got steeper. But, nonetheless we made it to the top and got some breathtaking pictures. I wish you guys could see how beautiful these places were in real life. My phone nor any camera could do it justice.


When we were done with the park we headed back into the city to get some dinner then back to our flat for an early night in so we could be as rested as possible to catch our flight. Our time in Spain had come to an end and it was onto a new country, Venice, Italy. Or so we thought it would be Venice…