The next leg of our trip was our final city in Spain. We flew into the city center as the sun was coming up and took time to get settled in. A short train ride later we were in the city center. The Cathedral of Barcelona became our recognition point as it was near Las Ramblas and the beach, amongst other notable attractions. We met up with a few classmates from Roehampton who recommended us doing a bus tour, which is exactly what we did the following day.


As I mentioned in the previous post, many major cities offer bus tours, stopping at a majority of the main tourist sites. A few from Barcelona’s included the Olympic stadium as well as many of the notorious Gaudi sites.

The next day, we explored Park Guell, another on of Gaudi’s masterpieces. From here we took in the most breath-taking views of Barcelona.




One thing we did on our last day in Spain was visit one of Barcelona’s market, La Boqueria, directly off Las Ramblas. We browsed the stalls filled with everything from animal heads to alcoholic popcicles to luxury chocolates. Despite spending the previous days being as touristy as a tourist can get, it was refreshing to see a different side to Barcelona, a more local, realistic view, and a perfect round-up of our time in Spain.


Thanks for reading; stay tuned for our next stop!


Xx Jessica