Balancing “Vacation” and Homework

Waking up to go on a hike at nine in the morning isn’t as bad as it seems. It’s an hour later with an amazing view that you realize the ache in your legs was worth the climb. I felt like Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music once I reached the top of the hills. The hike down was full of more dread than climbing up the rocks in the first place. Going back down meant it was time for me to shut myself in my flat until I finished my homework – something that was exactly as bad as it seemed.

It’s only been a week, but trying to balance schoolwork and the adventure of lifetime is very challenging. Admittedly, I am a horrible procrastinator. During the semester I can get away with putting assignments off until the day before they’re due, but I know this tactic will not work during my study abroad. With two ten page papers and two speeches to give, I am left feeling a bit overwhelmed.



I am torn between exploring my new surroundings and doing schoolwork, but I shouldn’t treat this experience as a vacation. It is hard for me to stay motivated when I know just outside my door there are all kinds of new experiences to be had. I’m finding that this challenge is causing me to rise to the occasion and use time-management to help balance my responsibilities. Hopefully, I will be able to settle into a routine and get the ball rolling soon.

Samantha Bradfield is a junior at the University of Missouri-Kansas City studying Psychology and Art History. Samantha is spending the summer abroad with the UMKC Honors Summer Program in Scotland.

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