Back in Kansas City

I have been home for a couple weeks now, after my semester abroad and then a month long trip through southern Europe. It was a long trip back home, and one that was filled with mixed feelings. I was excited to be making my way home to my family and friends, but sad to be leaving Europe, my friends abroad and the life I had for 6 months. When they tell you at the beginning of your study abroad experience that you will go through various waves of culture shock, that is so true. I think I have had a harder time adjusting back to life in Kansas City, than I had in Cork. The food is different than what I had become accustomed to, as well as the lifestyle. I became dependent on public transportation while abroad, and although we have public transportation in KC, it is not an equivalent to the transportation abroad. As someone who doesn’t have a car, that has been a very big adjustment. I am glad to be home, and glad that I lived abroad, but I now know that I will always have a second home in Ireland. I am so grateful for the experience I had abroad, and can say with confidence that I learned more in my semester abroad than in any semester of college thus far. Whenever I talk to anyone about my experience abroad, I make sure to encourage them to study abroad because it was such an amazing experience. I know it will take some more adjusting to get back into my normal routine at home, but with time time that will happen. Regardless, I will always look back on my time abroad and cherish it.

Erin Kelly is a senior at the University of Missouri-Kansas City studying Political Science. Erin spent the spring semester in Ireland with the University College Cork exchange program

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