Getting ready

I’ve been planning to study abroad for six months. Months of applications and paperwork and deadlines; months of daydreaming and studying Spanish grammar and reading travel books. The last few days have been hectic; temporary good-byes to friends and family, an endless to-do list, and packing and re-packing. Even after all this, it’s not quite real to me that my flight leaves tomorrow.
I’m excited to start my program with a few days in Madrid and Toledo before my academic semester starts in Valencia. I’ve heard so much about Spain’s capital city; I can’t wait to learn and explore more. I’m thrilled to be visiting Toledo, as it is a UNESCO world heritage site and has tons of history.
I’m most anxious about communicating. I’ve been madly practicing using language learning apps, dictionaries, and through watching Netflix, which is surprisingly effective. I made a point to watch things filmed in Spain. I’ve always been taught Latin American phonetics. It’s been a great learning experience to hear the differences in pronunciations. At first I thought it sounded silly, but now I really love hearing the European Spanish accent. Hopefully soon I’ll be lisping like the best of them.