Absolutely Breathtaking

After a long trip which consisted of multiple layovers and cramped seating, I finally made it to Barcelona early Saturday morning, May 30th. I was immediately taken away by the amazing weather once I walked outside the airport. The sun was shining bright and there wasn’t a cloud in sight; all I could think at that moment was PARADISE.

We took a taxi to the hotel and once we got checked in, we decided to venture further into the city to get something to eat. I was excited to try some authentic Spanish food – mainly the Tapas (small appetizer plates) that they are well known for. As we were eating I couldn’t help but notice how passionate everyone was about futbol (aka soccer). No matter which street we walked down, there were hundreds of locals draped in their favorite futbol jersey chanting away in unison. After visiting a museum and some more walking around, we decided it was time to call it a night and get some rest since we had a couple more fun packed days in Barcelona before we headed off to Madrid.

The next couple days in Barcelona were amazing. We took a boat excursion up and down the coast of Spain which was really nice as we were able to sit on the top of the boat and see Barcelona from a distance. From there we went to get some lunch which consisted of even more Tapas. The great thing about Tapas is the luxury of eating a variety of different foods each and every time.

The day we had to leave Barcelona we decided to go and spend a few relaxing hours at the beach before our four hour train ride to Madrid. The day was perfect as usual with the sun shining bright with blue skies and not one cloud in sight. After awhile of basking in the sun, a few of us decided to purchase a small football from one of the local shops. We had fun throwing the football around for awhile, but had to hurry back to the hotel to get ready to get on the train to Madrid.

After spending a few days in Barcelona which seemed like a very relaxing city, I was ready to see Madrid which is considered to be more fast paced. Stay tuned for more…