A whole new world

Something that strikes me every time I go abroad is how similar everything is to home. There are small differences everywhere, but it’s like if thirty people in a class were all painting a picture of the same forest: The small branches and tree limbs would be unique, but the overall painting would be pretty similar throughout.

That’s the feeling I’ve experienced in every country I’ve been to so far — little irregularities, but broadly the same picture.

Part of me is let down by that, because don’t we all go abroad to see something completely new and different? But a part of me also finds it very reassuring to see that we’re not so far apart, despite the miles between the States and Europe.

But I think what I find most intriguing is that so far, I’ve only been to Western European countries.

It’s completely possible that if I just go farther east, I’ll discover a whole new series of a different painting, and I find the idea really exciting.

I like the familiarity of European and Western culture, but part of exploring is broadening your horizons and finding new things to enjoy.

So while this past year has been mostly familiar, I’m looking forward to the near future when I can go just that little bit farther.

Bridget McSorley is a senior at the University of Missouri-Kansas City double majoring in Business Administration and Languages and Literature. Bridget spent the academic year abroad with the University of Lyon 2 exchange program in France.

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